Vegan Prawn Crackers – Easy Vegan Recipe

This vegan prawn crackers recipe has shown me once again that there is literally nothing that cannot be eaten on a plant-based diet. I was always a fan of the crispy snack brought out at the start of Chinese meals, but have since discovered it’s more the texture of the snack rather than the flavour I loved the most. Do the originals even taste of prawn anyway? Who knows, but the beauty of these vegan prawn crackers is that you can add any flavour you like, making them perfect for any style of meal.

Vegan prawn crackers

If you were wondering why cutting prawns out of your diet was a great idea, you can read this article from Animals Australia on what really goes on in the prawn industry. Prawns themselves are treated horrendously, while the fishing practices used are decimating our oceans and killing millions of ‘collateral creatures’ such as turtles, octopus, sea horses and more each year. You may have heard the statistic already, but it’s frightening to know that if we continue on our current trajectory, scientists predict a collapse of our oceans by 2050.

The simplest way to reverse this future is to stop eating seafood. You can also sign this petition to stop prawn cruelty. But seeing as you’re here on my website I’ll assume you’ve already converted to a plant-based lifestyle and move quickly along to the super simple recipe…..

Vegan Prawn Crackers

We had some rice paper sheets left over from making Vietnamese rolls one night, so hubby threw some in a frying pan and voila – giant prawn crackers ready to go! It really is that simple – here it is step by step

Vegan prawn crackers

Rice paper
Salt/pepper/herbs to season

1. Pour about half a centimetre of oil into a frying pan and heat until very hot.
2. When the oil is at temperature, carefully drop the rice paper in and leave for 5-10 seconds. You will see it crisp up straight away. When ready, carefully take the cracker out of the oil and place on kitchen towel.
3. Season with herbs/spices of choice. We used sea salt and pepper for a quick snack, other spices you could use would be paprika, garlic flakes, dukkha spice, Japanse sesame seeds – the options are endless.

For best results season straight out of the pan while hot, this way the spices will stick evenly and not fall off.
We used the large rice paper circles and made giant crackers, but you could cut the paper up beforehand to make smaller bite-size pieces.

Vegan prawn crackers
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