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Vegan Omega 3 – ULTANA Phytoplankton – a Review

Have you ever wondered where to get vegan omega 3?

As a vegan, I think it’s my duty to love all green foods. Some are easier than others, and one of the easiest to love is the humble green smoothie.

I’m always looking for ways to superpower my smoothies and am a long-term fan of nutritional powders – I’m crediting my use of Maca powder for both of my pregnancies!

So I was super excited to hear about an Aussie product – Phytoplankton – that would be an amazing addition to my green smoothies (definitely without the fertility risk!)

Before becoming a vegan, I wouldn’t have known what an Omega 3 was if it slapped me around the face, but due to (well intentioned?) questions from non-vegans into where our family’s nutrition comes from, I’ve become much more well informed.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to our health and well-being, and can only be sourced from our diet (our bodies can’t make them). Traditionally, due to huge marketing by the supplement companies, it is widely assumed that we need to eat fish to get these essential fatty acids.

There are 3 kinds of Omega 3 (funny that!) – ALAs, EPAs and DHAs – the first can be widely found in plant foods – flax, chia and soy to name a few, whilst the others (reportedly more important for our health) are predominantly found in animal products, making it tricky for vegans to find a reliable source. That was at least until the discovery of Phytoplankton. It is a single cell marine plant that forms the foundation of the oceanic food chain, and is enjoyed in green smoothies by krill and blue whales.

ULTANA Phytoplankton provides Omega 3 in abundance, as well as over 75 other nutrients. But I’m no science expert, so if you want to know all the tech stuff behind what this wonderplant can do you can read more on the benefits of phytoplankton here.

So back to the green smoothies. ULTANA phytoplankton comes in two forms, I got a free sample of the powder, but they also offer veg capsules for convenience. The recommended daily serving is 1g, I didn’t weigh mine at all and used a heaped teaspoon which was way too much, as my 15 day supply ran out in five days! The powder comes in one or two month size pouches, and the capsules are a 30 day supply.

ULTANA phytoplankton - a great source of vegan omega 3

I will definitely be investing in some of the capsules for when I’m stretched for time, as I found mixing the powder with water or juice wasn’t as good as in a smoothie. The powder didn’t dissolve as well and the taste of the ocean was very noticeable (the whales must love that!)

Including Phytoplankton in your diet may have the following benefits – better digestion, more energy, mental clarity, healthier skin, faster recovery and a stronger immune system. My sample pack didn’t last long enough for me to notice any health benefits, but I’ll be giving it a longer shot as I’d love an energy and clarity boost!

A green smoothie made with ULTANA phytoplankton - full of vegan omega 3
My favourite was a smoothie with fresh kale, soy milk, frozen mango and berries – yum!

With our oceans being destroyed by overfishing and the insatiable demand for seafood and fish products, Phytality have provided a healthy, sustainable, plant-based alternative rich in vegan omega 3 that is best for both our bodies, the oceans and the planet.

Do you have other questions about vegan nutrition? Check out my interview with Amber – an Accredited Practicing Dietitian from Newtown Nutrition – episode 2 of The Everyday Vegan Mum Podcast.

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