Vegan Camp Out Australia – 10 Reasons to Go!

Australia’s first ever fully vegan festival arrives in 2023 – Sydney get ready for Vegan Camp Out Australia!

The highly popular Vegan Camp Out has been running in the UK since 2016 and is the largest vegan camping festival globally, attracting campers from over 40 different countries every year – and it’s now coming to Australia!

The Australian event will run over 3 days from Friday November 24th – 26th in the beautiful Glenworth Valley just outside Sydney and you can visit for the weekend or just for a day.

Here are our top ten reasons why you shouldn’t miss out!

1. Community and New Friends: Vegan Camp Out Australia will bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for veganism and animal rights. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with a community of people who are supportive of your lifestyle and beliefs.

2. Education and Awareness: There is a lineup of speakers, workshops, and discussions on various aspects of veganism, from health and nutrition to environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

3. Delicious Vegan Food: Vegan Camp Out Australia will have loads of delicious vegan food options. Attending in 2023 – Between the Buns, Funky Pies, Future Swirl, I Should be Souvlaki, Kumache Kitchen, Morley’s Recipes, Sugar Baby Vegan Cakes, and Vege4Love.

4. Entertainment: The line-up will be incredible! Earthling Ed will be DJing the Saturday night set, and there will be loads of roaming performers, musicians and dancing. Oh and there’s an 80s afterparty too – I’ll see you there!

5. Inspiration: Hearing from influential speakers and activists can inspire and motivate you to make positive changes in your life, whether it’s adopting a vegan lifestyle, becoming more involved in animal rights advocacy, or exploring new vegan products and innovations. Hearing from Ali Tabrizi, Earthling Ed, Seb Alex, Pam Ahearn, Emma Hurst and more will fire you up for the next year of activism!

Earthling Ed

6. Vendor and Product Exhibits: There will be a great line up of market stalls selling vegan products, and from different animal advocacy organisations. This can be a great way to discover new and exciting vegan products and support businesses that align with your values.

7. Support for a Good Cause: Vegan Camp Out donates a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare organizations, helping support their important work in advocating for animals.

8. Fun and Enjoyment: Beyond the educational and community aspects, attending Vegan Camp Out Australia will be a lot of fun! It’s a unique and memorable experience where you can relax, connect with like-minded people, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Glamping at Vegan Camp Out Australia

9. Personal Growth: There are lots of workshops and sessions like yoga and meditation over the weekend that can help you grow personally and spiritually by connecting with nature, practicing mindfulness, and deepening your connection to the values that drive your vegan lifestyle.

10. Support vegan events so they keep going! If we don’t come together as a community and support vegan events they won’t continue – so let’s get behind the first ever Australian vegan festival so it comes back next year!

If you’re passionate about veganism, animal rights, and sustainability, and you’re looking for a fun and educational experience while connecting with a supportive community, or you just love great food and entertainment – don’t miss out! Get your Vegan Camp Out Australia tickets now!

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