About Me

My name is Bryony and I’m the creator behind Vegan Possum. I’ve been vegetarian for almost 30 years and for some reason that I find crazy only went vegan 6 months ago.

I wish I’d made the full leap all those years ago, although it was pretty hard back then to even find vego alternatives never mind vegan options.

I moved to Australia from the UK 15 years ago and watched with joy as cruelty free food has advanced leaps and bounds. My first Aussie BBQs saw me eating bread rolls and salad, but now I’ve as much choice as the meat eaters.

I used to crusade for animals a lot in my uni days but somehow forgot my passion over the years. Although I have never eaten meat in that time I haven’t done anything proactive to help stop the cruelty of the animal industries across the world – so it’s time for me to start doing some catching up!

I created Vegan Possum to help inspire and educate other animal lovers, as well as to show my support for the vegan movement which is gaining momentum each and every day. The kindness consciousness is catching on, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Friends and family who share my vegan ways are precisely zero – so I’m also here to make new buddies – I’d love to hear from anyone on the same journey.

Knowledge is power, so I’ve started this website to write about the best vegan spots around Australia, as well as ways to get involved and help animals directly.

If you’re in Australia and would like to contribute to the site please don’t hesitate to send me a message – bryony@veganpossum.com

Each one of us can make a change, together we can make a difference.

Love and lentils ❤️ ?

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