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Vegan Fast Food in Australia – What Can I Eat at Maccas?

Vegan Fast Food in Australia – What Can I Eat at Maccas?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Always trust a junk-food vegan? They’re in it for the animals.’ True story – and luckily there’s a LOT of vegan fast food out there, and all the big players have upped their game when it comes to providing 

Vegan Activism – The Cube of Truth

Vegan Activism – The Cube of Truth

The Cube of Truth is a form of street activism, born right here in Australia in 2016 with thousands of events now taking place globally each year. It consists of a group of activists holding TV screens or tablets, showing standard practices in the meat, 

Vegan Prawn Crackers – Easy Vegan Recipe

Vegan Prawn Crackers – Easy Vegan Recipe

This vegan prawn crackers recipe has shown me once again that there is literally nothing that cannot be eaten on a plant-based diet. I was always a fan of the crispy snack brought out at the start of Chinese meals, but have since discovered it’s more the texture of the snack rather than the flavour I loved the most. Do the originals even taste of prawn anyway? Who knows, but the beauty of these vegan prawn crackers is that you can add any flavour you like, making them perfect for any style of meal.

Vegan prawn crackers

If you were wondering why cutting prawns out of your diet was a great idea, you can read this article from Animals Australia on what really goes on in the prawn industry. Prawns themselves are treated horrendously, while the fishing practices used are decimating our oceans and killing millions of ‘collateral creatures’ such as turtles, octopus, sea horses and more each year. You may have heard the statistic already, but it’s frightening to know that if we continue on our current trajectory, scientists predict a collapse of our oceans by 2050.

The simplest way to reverse this future is to stop eating seafood. You can also sign this petition to stop prawn cruelty. But seeing as you’re here on my website I’ll assume you’ve already converted to a plant-based lifestyle and move quickly along to the super simple recipe…..

Vegan Prawn Crackers

We had some rice paper sheets left over from making Vietnamese rolls one night, so hubby threw some in a frying pan and voila – giant prawn crackers ready to go! It really is that simple – here it is step by step

Vegan prawn crackers

Rice paper
Salt/pepper/herbs to season

1. Pour about half a centimetre of oil into a frying pan and heat until very hot.
2. When the oil is at temperature, carefully drop the rice paper in and leave for 5-10 seconds. You will see it crisp up straight away. When ready, carefully take the cracker out of the oil and place on kitchen towel.
3. Season with herbs/spices of choice. We used sea salt and pepper for a quick snack, other spices you could use would be paprika, garlic flakes, dukkha spice, Japanse sesame seeds – the options are endless.

For best results season straight out of the pan while hot, this way the spices will stick evenly and not fall off.
We used the large rice paper circles and made giant crackers, but you could cut the paper up beforehand to make smaller bite-size pieces.

Vegan prawn crackers
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If you love Chinese food and are in Sydney, don’t miss Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Pitt Street, one of our favourite vegan restaurants in Sydney.

Vegan in the Vineyards – Vegan Wine Australia – the Tamar Valley

Vegan in the Vineyards – Vegan Wine Australia – the Tamar Valley

We just came back from a 3 month trip to Tasmania, where we had the chance to taste some incredible vegan wine. Australia has some of the best wines in the world, but unfortunately many vineyards choose to use animal products in the manufacturing process, 

Vegan Sydney – 20 of the Best Vegan Eateries

Vegan Sydney – 20 of the Best Vegan Eateries

Vegan Sydney? It wasn’t too long ago that being vegetarian in a restaurant in Australia meant choosing between spinach cannelloni or vegetable lasagna. Being vegan meant hanging out at the salad bar with maybe a bread roll on the side. Thankfully modern day Sydney is 

Vegan Books – 20 Books Every Vegan Should Read

Vegan Books – 20 Books Every Vegan Should Read

Vegan Books

When it comes to advocating for animals, knowledge is power. That’s where vegan books come in. There is so much resistance and ignorance directed at vegans, especially in the online space, that’s its important to arm yourself with the facts. When I decided to become vegan I realised I needed to cut through the mass of information and educate myself properly. I have asked other vegans and animal activists what their favourite, most inspirational, helpful or motivating vegan books have been and here are the results. From nutrition to nurturing, there is something in this list for whatever stage of the vegan journey you are at. There are also many more titles not listed – please leave me a message in the comments if there are any vegan books you’d like me to add.

The Skeptical Vegan – Eric C. Lindstrom
This is my absolute favourite of all books on veganism so far. It’s the tale of Eric’s journey from massive meat eater to devoted vegan – and had me laughing out loud throughout. As well as lots of humour, this book addresses all the serious issues surrounding veganism, and doesn’t get too heavy into the science. It’s a great place to start for new or aspiring vegans, and a light-hearted enjoyable read for those already on a plant-based diet. If you’ve got kids then don’t miss his sequel – The Smart Parents Guide to Raising Vegan Kids.

The China Study – T. Colin Campbell
The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever completed. In his book, Dr T.Colin Campbell reveals the direct links between the food we eat and diseases such as cancer and cancer, and advocates plants as the best way to eat for health. He also virtues plants as providing everything the human body needs, from protein to essential vitamins and minerals. If you like facts and figures this book will provide you with all the stats you need, from years of research, to reinforce and defend your food choices.

Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer
The book that inspired the documentary of the same name, Eating Animals investigates the morals behind the food choices meat eaters make. Told from his personal philosophical journey, the author questions our food traditions and practises. I listened to this one on audio book and had to take regular breaks – it’s pretty heavy hitting emotionally and beautifully written.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows – Melanie Joy
The author of this book invented the term ‘carnism’ and delves deep into the philosophy of meat eaters and their belief system. She believes that there is no such thing as an ethical meat eater, and explores the psychology of our perceptions of animals.

Five Essays for Freedom – Kristy Alger

If you don’t follow Kristy on socials then get onto it – fearless and brave advocacy for animals with such a passion it’s impossible not to be inspired and motivated. This is her first book – described as “a scathing, provocative exposé of the animal industrial complex contextualised in current-day Australia, this essay collection is a political primer for the animal advocate, both curious and experienced alike.

Gristle – From Factory Farms to Food Safety – edited by Moby and Miyun Park
A collection of essays written by a diverse sector of society, and compiled by the famous vegan musician Moby. If you needed any more reasons to go vegan you’ll find some in here for sure.

The Plant Based Journey – Lani Muelrath
A Step-by-Step Guide for Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle and Achieving Your Ideal Weight. This book is full of practical advice on how to lead a vegan lifestyle the healthy way.

Meathooked – Marta Zaraska
The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession with Meat. An entertaining and eye-opening book about our age-old obsession with eating animal protein. Why are we so hooked despite knowing the damage it does to our bodies and planet? Marta travels the world to answer these questions.

The Pleasure Trap – Alan Goldhamer and Douglas J. Lyle
Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health and Happiness. This book enforces how the choices we make in our diet contribute directly to our quality of life and wellbeing.

How to Create a Vegan World – Tobias Leenaert
This book offers fresh insights on what we can do as a society to move away from the harmful and inhumane animal practises so prevalent across the world today.

Farmageddon – Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott
The True Cost of Cheap Meat. The author spent 3 years travelling the world to compile the information for this book, documenting the effect of farming for food.

Meatonomics – David Robinson Simon
How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much–and How to Eat Better, Live Longer, and Spend Smarter. This book uncovers the level of manipulation in the industries making our food choices for us.

Proteinaholic – Garth Davis
How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It. The author is an acclaimed surgeon, with some very strong advice on what we need to do to get, and stay, healthy.

How Not to Die – Michael Greger
The author examines the top 15 causes of death in America and instructs how the majority can be avoided – all through diet choices.

The Ethics of What We Eat – Peter Singer and Jim Mason
The authors document why we eat what we eat and why our food choices matters so much.

Vegan – the New Ethics of Eating – Eric Marcus
Packed with information on how what you eat affects the planet and your body, this book also demonstrates how simple changes can be highly significant.

Animal Liberation Now- Peter Singer
A New Ethics for Our Treatment of Animals. Originally written in 1975 this is one of the original vegan books and is now a classic. The landmark book that opened the world’s eyes to the suffering of animals, fully rewritten and entirely updated. A must read for all vegans.

E-Book – Earthling Ed
30 Non-Vegan Excuses and How To Respond To Them. This is a free vegan book download that you can access to provide you with all the ammunition you need to advocate for animals with your food choices. It can be downloaded in different languages, and has over 122 pages of vegan knowledge inside.

Striking at the Roots – Mark Hawthorne
One of the first vegan books I read, this is a practical guide on how you can speak out for animals in a practical way. Going vegan is just the first step – and this book is perfect for those wanting to take action against speciesism and animal cruelty.

Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat – Hal Herzog
The author, an anthrozoologist, has spent years researching the complex relationship us humans have with animals, and how we choose to eat certain animals yet make others part of our family.

Eating Animals is Weird! Bryony Sumner
One just for the mini-vegans, I wrote this book after having kids and wanting to share the vegan message with them in a colourful, fun and hopeful way.

Vegan books
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You can of course find all of these titles at your local library, our favourite way of reading, but if you want to own your own copies for reference and sharing please consider using our affiliate links to Booktopia, where we will make a small commission at no extra cost to you, helping us to continue running the site.