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Mental Health for Vegan Parents – The Everyday Vegan Mum Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with Clare Mann

In this episode we’re talking about one of the most important issues in our daily lives – mental health. I am chatting with vegan psychologist Clare Mann, who has been vegan herself for over 10 years and has worked with many vegan clients during this time too.

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Show notes:

Clare’s website – The Vegan Psychologist
Vegan Voices – Become a vegan conversation expert in just 5 minutes a day
Find Clare on Facebook here
Find out more about Vystopia and buy the book – use VYSTOPIA15 for a discount.
The book that influenced Clare to go vegan – Bob Geldof – Is That It?
Find out more on Genesis Butler here.
Documentaries discussed – What the Health, Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy.
Download the free book – Healthy Plant-Based Eating for Children by Robin Chuter
Overcoming Vystopia monthly webinar.

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If you are struggling with mental health please seek help – see your doctor or local support helpline. The team at Happy Happy Vegan have put together a huge global resource of mental health and suicide hotlines which includes over 70 countries to help you find support. You are not alone.

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