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Is it safe to feed a child a vegan diet? The Everyday Vegan Mum Podcast Episode 2

In this episode we speak with Amber from Newtown Nutrition to discuss the recent headlines in the news about a malnourished vegan toddler.

Amber is an  Accredited Practicing Dietitian based in Newtown, Sydney, who offers personalised face to face and Skype consults to people of all ages both within and outside Australia. 

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Show notes:

You can find Amber on her blog at Green Minded Nutrition.
Articles debunking the soy myth – Soy Foods Cancer Risk
Read more about The Farm Study
Type of B12 mentioned in the interview – Cyanocobalamin
Read more information about vitamin B12 for vegans
You can read more of Amber’s advice in this article on raising vegan children.

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Is a vegan diet safe for kids? Vegan parenting podcast
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