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Will My Kids Stay Vegan? The Everyday Vegan Mum Episode 18 – Interview with Trish Haywood

In this episode I chat to Trish – vegan for almost 60 years and mum to 4 vegan kids. 
We talk about the struggles of growing up vegan before the term was even coined, and how being vegan has changed over the years.
I also get to ask one of my burning questions – how do I get my kids to stay vegan? Trish has some great advice on raising kids to stay vegan.

We also talk about Australia’s first vegan cooking show – Chefs in the Raw – created and driven by Trish with her hope of bringing plant-based eating to the masses.

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Show notes:

Visit the Chefs in the Raw website
Find Chefs in the Raw on Facebook
Watch plant-based episodes on the Chefs in the Raw YouTube channel
Visit Chefs in the Raw on Instagram
Join Trish’s Facebook Group

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