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Vegan Baking Tips – The Everyday Vegan Mum Podcast Episode 11 – with Sara Kidd from Vegan Bakes

Photo credits – Melissa Katherine

In today’s episode I interview the incredible Sara Kidd – from Vegan Bakes by Sara Kidd.
We talk about Sara’s vegan journey, her inspiring work over the years and her incredibly exciting future bringing Vegan TV to the mainstream! We also talk a LOT about delicious things, and you may hear my stomach rumbling once or twice (or it may be Sara’s beautiful sidekick – Chihuahua Genie!)

The beautiful Genie

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Show notes:

Join Sara’s incredible Facebook group here.
Click here for the Vegan Bakes by Sara Kidd Facebook page.
Donate $1 a month to Sara’s channel on Patreon here.
Sara’s amazing 4 ingredient vegan shortbread recipe
Subscribe to Sara’s vegan baking YouTube channel.
Don’t stress about vegan egg replacers!
Gretchen Price – the sciency stuff about eggs!
Get the book that started Sara’s vegan journey – Skinny Bitch

The meme I attempted to describe in the show!

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