Tell the Cairns Convention Centre to STOP Animal Cruelty!

This Saturday the Cairns Convention Centre will host a bull riding competition – subjecting animals to an unfamiliar, unnatural and uncomfortable environment in the name of entertainment. Why is bull riding cruel? As a sport that seemingly symbolizes courage and skill, bull riding has historically had a wide following. But popularity is dwindling as people realise that beneath the glitz and action lies a disturbing reality—the inherent cruelty inflicted upon the animals involved. Read below to understand more on how the bulls suffer in the name of ‘sport’. If you are an animal lover, then please take a moment to email and call the Cairns Convention Centre management team to let them know that we don’t support their decision to host such a barbaric exhibition of animal cruelty. You can call the Convention Centre directly on 07 4042 4200 to ask them why they are supporting this cruelty by agreeing to host the event. You can also find email contact addresses below:

Janet Hamilton (General Manager) –

Wayne Smith (Business Development Manager) –

Cathy Taylor (Business Development Manager) –

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Why is bull riding cruel?

Bull riding causes Physical and Psychological Distress to Bulls:

Bulls are magnificent creatures known for their power, agility, and natural instincts. In the context of bull riding, they are subjected to immense physical and psychological stress. In Australia, the animals are often provoked into a state of aggression through the use of flank straps, electric prods, or spurs. These devices cause discomfort and pain, prompting the bulls to buck violently in an attempt to free themselves from the irritation.

Furthermore, the intense and forceful movements during bull riding can lead to severe injuries, including broken bones, torn ligaments, and even fatalities. The animals experience fear and confusion as they are pushed beyond their natural limits, resulting in significant harm to their physical and mental well-being.

Inadequate Animal Care in Bull riding:

Regrettably, the welfare of bulls involved in rodeo events, including bull riding, is often compromised in Australia. Bulls are treated as mere commodities, with their health and well-being often overshadowed by the desire for entertainment. Long-distance transport, confinement in small enclosures, exposure to loud noises, and stressful environments all contribute to the distress and anxiety experienced by these animals.

Additionally, the competitive nature of bull riding can lead to the use of aggressive training techniques that disregard the natural behaviours and needs of the bulls. Painful devices, such as spurs, may be employed to elicit the desired response, causing unnecessary suffering. Insufficient veterinary care and inadequate rest periods further exacerbate the strain placed on these animals, resulting in long-term physical and emotional harm.

Ethical Considerations of Bull riding:

From an ethical standpoint, it becomes increasingly challenging to justify the cruelty inherent in bull riding. Animals used in such events do not have a say in their participation, and their well-being is often compromised for human entertainment. It is essential to question whether the fleeting thrill experienced by spectators justifies the suffering endured by these sentient beings.

In an era where animal welfare is gaining significant attention and support, it is crucial to reevaluate our attitudes towards activities that exploit animals for human amusement. The entertainment industry should strive to promote compassionate forms of entertainment that prioritize the rights and dignity of all living beings.

Bull riding, although celebrated by some as an exhilarating and traditional sport, cannot escape the reality of its inherent cruelty. The physical and psychological distress experienced by the bulls, combined with the lack of proper care and ethical concerns, underscore the need for introspection. As a society, we must foster a culture that values and protects the welfare of animals, seeking alternative forms of entertainment that do not rely on their exploitation. By acknowledging the cruelty involved in bull riding, we can take steps towards building a more compassionate and humane Australia.

You can read more on this link about why bull riding is cruel.

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